Common questions and answers

News 2016-07-13

Q. What is your standard design lead time?

     Design lead time is 3-5 days for initial 3D design


Q. What is your standard quote lead time?

     We typically will provide a quote 1-3 days from receipt of RFQ.


Q. What is your common lead-time?

     Lead-time from design approval to T1 sampling is 4-10 weeks, depending on your requirements and part complexity, it is   showed on the quotation sheet.


Q. What is your standard warranty for tooling?

New Star Mold  warrants the quality, workmanship and materials used in producing production molds for SPI 104 tools for 50,000 total cycles; SPI Class 103 molds for 250,000  total cycles; SPI 102 molds for 500,000 total cycles; SPI 101 molds for 1,000,000 total cycles within 360 days since tool receipt at customer destination.  New Star Mold will, at its sole discretion, repair or replace all parts determined to be defective as to quality, workmanship or materials.  Warranty of parts replacement or repairs, shall, at the sole discretion of New Star Mold, be provided (a) at New Star Mold factory, (b) by an independent repair shop hired by New Star Mold, or (c) by the customer and invoiced to New Star Mold.  The customer is solely responsible for mold design, design specifications and design approval. No warranty is provided concerning the designs of the mold.  Any failure of the mold or any mold components arising from or related to design is not warranted; Any damage from human error or improper operation is not warranted.


Q. What is your standard warranty for molding?

New Star Mold. warrants the molded products to client specifications, to be free of defects in quality, dimension,    workmanship and materials, whichever occurs first. New Star Mold will, at its sole discretion, repair or replace products determined to be defective.  This warranty shall not apply to breakage caused by product misuse or damage during transportation.  New Star Mold does not warrant product defects or failure arising from customer part design or design-related issues.


Q. What is your Max./Min. tool production capability in house?

      Ever built: Max. tool : 2000 * 1500 * 1000mm / 10Ton

                       Min. tool:  100 * 80 * 120mm (MUD) / 60kgs

      Capable:   50T to 2000T, tool in  press above 1300T have to sample outside


Q. What is your Max. / Min. molding press?

     Range from 55T to 1300T

Q. What is your monthly capability for tooling?

A. 30~45 tools depending on tool complexity


Q. Are your Program Managers able to effectively communicate with our Engineers and Tooling Managers?

A. All Program Managers are bi-lingual (English & Chinese), single channel communication for each account to avoid confusion.


Q. Are you able to do heat treatment in-house?

A. We outsource heat treatments and heat treatment processes at ASSAB and LKM. Certification is available.


Q. What finish / grain are you able to carry?

A. SPI polishing is completed in-house to your specifications. Special graining or finish is outsourced to Mold-Tech or M-T.


Q. What quality standards do you meet?

A. ISO9001.2008  & TS16949.2009


Q. May we visit your factory?

A. Yes, we welcome your visits. We can also assist in obtaining necessary Visa paperwork, travel plans, accommodations, etc.


Q. Do you handle freight of molds and molded products?

A. Our US office manages door-to-door delivery and ensure all freight is fully insured.  For your convenience, DDP freight will be showed in all quotations,(Taxes and Duties included). 


Q. Do you use English or metric components?

A. We can build components with either English or metric dimensions per your requirements. All moldbases are in Chinese metric.


Q. Can you provide US made components?

A. Yes, our US office can purchase any US brand components per your specifications.


Q. What are your standard payment terms for tooling?
A. 50% with PO, 30% at T1 sampling, 20% Net14 upon tool receipt. 


Q. What are the standard payment terms for molding?
A. Standard molding terms are 50% with order and 50% balance prior to product shipment, including all freight costs.