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Quality Assurance
Optical Comparator-8600 Series
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New Star Mold is ISO-9001: 2008 certified. We use formal quality systems to manage the overall quality process and use precision measurement facilities by our well-trained team. All tooling and parts produced at our facility are constantly monitored by our Quality Assurance Department to meet your specifications including material, dimensional accuracy, surface finish, molding standard, inspection, and packaging. Our quality systems are focused on the customer at all the times.

The Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) is a flexible measuring system with a precision degree of 0.001mm. It performs geometric measurement with quick and effective detection. Fitted with a CCD(Charge Coupled Device) image, the CMM can measure an object by magnifying it 100 times. Furthermore, its side lens can allow image measurement by moving the lens around the four sides of the object without moving it. The measuring machine is also equipped with contact type auto curved surface scanning.

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